Sandy Pickett Acoustic

Sandy Pickett Playing Instruments

High-Powered Acoustic Guitarist, Master Hand-Drumming, Harmonica, Driven, Singer and Songwriter

Live performances drive me! I have played in over 333 venues from England to Hawaii to Southeastern Indiana. My driving rhythmic finger style guitar compliments old rock, folk, and blues incorporating the works of many artists including Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, ZZ Top, The Allman Brothers, and Molly Hatchet.. I incorporate the harmonica in a lot of songs such as Richie Havens style number of "All Along the Watchtower" honoring its original Bob Dylan roots with a female perspective. I am a 2017 inductee of the Southeastern Indiana Musicians Association Hall of Fame and have played live consistently for over 20 years. I am a multi-instrumentalist - guitar, harmonica, stomp box, Jimbay conga - often doing several at once.

Hippie Fingers

Hippie Fingers Logo

Hippie Fingers is a 3 piece acoustic band featuring Ed “Chopper" Johnson, Brian Creech, and Sandy Pickett. The trio formed in 2012. They are a very successful trio that plays mostly 70’s and 80’s early rock like Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, and Fleetwood Mac. Three guitars, Sandy's conga and winding blues harmonica - provides a high energy 3-4 hour show with no breaks!! Playing almost every club in Southeastern Indiana... they are a crowd pleaser... Sandy often mixes her original songs with a lot of cover tunes from Doobie Brothers to Janis Joplin.


"Can't Get Enough"

Mimicking a 1930s Detroit blues scene writing style - and the very first song written in her catalog - "Can't Get Enough" brings the listener to a time they might have waited for someone to call - and decided they were done and over and moving on. Recorded as one take with no over-dubs, this song shows her ability to perfectly marry guitar and harmonica simultaneously.

"Step Up Over"

From the album "Guitar Rider" - "Step Up Over" incorporates high rhythm and winding leads featuring the background of Jill McIntosh King. The song is an anthem to standing up in life "and seeing things through your own eyes."

"I Will Want You No More"

This song is from 2003. It is from the album “No One's Made Me blue." This song is written in a strong independence from a love affair theme. This acoustic blues song mimics the style of Lucinda Williams and is one of her first songs written - driving slide and harmonica. It was also featured on The Whiskey Brothers rock show in 2005.

"Sharpen My Ax"

From 2009, this song was co-written with Jill McIntosh King. It has a strong back beat with rhythmic harmonica. It is a mimicking parody showing how to deal with a cheating husband. Jill's powerful vocals drive the song's message and believability with strong greasy harp winding and twisting the groove...

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